CHECK-IN: YOU CAN DROP YOUR CHILI OFF AND DECORATE YOUR BOOTH ANYTIME AFTER 1:00 pm. You will need to check in on Friday, January 26th by 3:00 pm

Your location at the event is pre-determined.  You will check-in and get your chili cooker number and will be directed to your assigned spot. We will not allow cookers to set up after 3:00 pm, so please be on time.

CHILI:  Please bring 2 LARGE Crock Pots of Chili. Please make sure your chili is cooked at home and heated to at least 170 degrees and kept warm.  You are responsible for maintaining a food-safe temperature during the cook-off. You will serve your chili until it is gone. 

LOGISTICS:  Each cooker will be provided ½ of a 6ft table, tasting cups, spoons and napkins, table cover.  (YOU WILL SUPPLY– 8ft extension cord or strip, serving spoon and any condiments).

TASTING: Each attendee who comes to your table MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND ON in order to taste any Chili. Wristbands are $40.00 each and allow the attendee to taste any and all chili.  (Children 7 & under excluded from wristband) Included with each entry will be Cornbread and desserts, while supplies last.  No other food or drink will be permitted in at the venue, without their permission.

BEST DECORATED AREA– We will award one cooker- Best decorated area at the end of the evening. (No company banners please). 

VOTING:  PEOPLES CHOICE -Attendees can vote for their favorite chili with their one vote ticket they receive at the door when paying.  They choose their favorite chili by marking in the voting box their choice and dropping the voting card in a box centrally located and marked area.  So encourage your friends and family to attend the event to support and vote for you.  JUDGES CHOICE-(Blind) We will have Judges that will vote for their favorite chili.

AWARDS:  We will pick 6 winners that night (3- People’s Choice and 3- Judges Choice) and they will be announced by at around 2pm.  Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with gifts will be awarded.

BANNERS:  You will not be allowed to hang a banner at the event.  This includes any company sign, banner, (standing or hanging).  Company table clothes are okay.

You MUST submit the form with payment, no spot will be saved or reserved unless you submit payment upon entry.  
Sorry no checks can be taken for Cooker Registration.
You will be allowed ONCE ONLY prior to Jan 1st to change your name and recipe there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.