Thank you for your interest in Donating
Your Auction Item, once we receive your form we will contact you directly to go over details if needed.

Please note, we can not take in any more artwork other than original painted and signed works. All frames must be in very good condition.

We can not accept any wine with a vlaue under $30 a bottle

Please, no coupons, pens note pads, or promotional items please.

Below is a list of ideas and  items that do best.

  • Airline gift certificate
  • Gas for a year
  • Family trip to a lakeside cabin
  • One-week timeshare
  • Pet sitting and boarding
  • Skiing and snowboarding adventure
  • Private boat cruise with cocktails
  • One year’s prime parking spot (for parents or older students)
  • Ride to or from school in a fire truck or police squad car
  • Visit from fire truck or police squad car at child’s birthday party
  • Buy a teacher a day off (bidder chooses who gets time off)
  • Class party including pizza, games and prizes
  • Dinner cooked and served
  • Sponsorship of park bench with name on it or similar
  • Private, insider tours of local businesses or factories
  • Year of oil changes at local shop
  • 10 hours of certified mechanic work
  • 6 months of dry cleaning
  • Local florist delivers flowers monthly for 1 year
    • Fine wine verticals: collections of consecutive vintages (e.g. ’97, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’01)
    • Subs or burgers for 25 people delivered to work or home
    • Private wine or beer tasting with 10 friends
    • Ultimate micro-brew sampler of 100 bottles
    • Afternoon tea for six at a local botanical garden
    • Five-course meal at top restaurant
    • Backstage brewery tour
    • Cooking lesson from award-winning local chef
    • Limo ride to and from local winery
    • Tickets to a popular talk show (i.e. Ellen, Tonight Show, Conan)
    • Guitar or other musical instruments signed by famous musicians
    • Complete makeover with a local stylist, including makeup, hair
    • Seats during live taping of a popular TV show
    • Music instrument lessons
    • Vocal lessons
    • Tickets to a comedy / improv show
    • Ballroom dancing lessons
    • Signed memorabilia (helmet, jersey, balls, bats, gloves, practice gear,)
    • Perform the ceremonial coin toss before a game (and keep the coin!)
    • Signed, framed photos of famous sports personalities
    • Golf clubs
    • Opportunity to sit in on a local sports radio show
    • Sportscaster for a Day
    • Catered tailgate party including set up and tear down
    • Pro lessons for any sport
    • Rare baseball cards
    • Tee time at a luxury or private golf course
    • Personal yoga sessions at your home
    • Box seats for college or professional sports team
    • Personal trainer
    • Pig roast brought to your home
    • Computer or coding classes from an expert
  • Month of child care from a local center
  • Tickets to theme parks
  • After-hours passes to community center or swimming pool
  • Photo shoot with professional photographer
  • Painting commissioned by local artist
  • Children’s room mural painted by local artist
  • Magician comes to your home to teach card tricks
  • Private lunch and book reading with a favorite children’s book author
  • Group paintball outing
  • Inflatable rental for child’s birthday or family party
  • VHS to digital / DVD conversion
  • Amazon Prime subscription for a year
  • Netflix subscription for a year
  • New iPhone, iPad, Apple watch
  • Computer, laptop
  • High-quality digital camera
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