We’re dedicated to feeding the Santa Clarita Valley.

feedSCV was founded in 2015, but had its roots planted well before that.  Local foodies, after coming together through social media, decided to put their collective efforts towards helping others. After organizing several events benefitting local non-profits, co-founders Scott Ervin and Todd Wilson recognized that there was a need that others weren’t meeting and started feedSCV to fill that hole.

Our Mission:

feedSCV works to provide everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley with the knowledge and resources to have a delicious and healthy meal at home every day. Our goal is to make eating fresh, local and sustainable every day within everyone’s reach.

Our Functions:

  • Education – Giving the people of the Santa Clarita Valley hands-on experience in selecting and preparing meals at home, making the best use of their financial resources
  • Intervention – Stepping in when others face hardship or crisis and providing them with a delicious, healthy, balanced meal.
  • Awareness – Increasing the capacity within our community only begins when the community knows that there is a need.