Chili Cooker Procedure:

Thank you for participating as a cooker in our 7th Annual Charity Chili Cook Off.  PLEASE SEE attached, take the time to read the FULL RULES of the contest and understand them. The donation entry fee of $125 must be paid here to be officially entered.

  • Drop off chili and decorate booth between 12-4pm (You will NOT BE ALLOWED to arrive after 4pm to do these things) If you can’t be there within that time frame, please send someone who can be.
  • BRING -2 LARGE crock pots, serving spoon and power strip/extension cord, along with everything you need to decorate your booth.
  • Only 2 people can be at your booth the entire time.  If you are going to trade out people midway through the other person needs to have a ticket to get in. HAVE YOUR HELP BUY A TICKET ONLINE NOW- (REMEMBER IT’S CHARITY!) Remember Chili Cookers need to have a badge on at all times.
  • Pull up at gate, check in, and then bring all your stuff inside. We will have carts and things to help transport your items in. You can pull up front to unload, please do NOT leave your car parked there during the event.  That is reserved for Valet parking.  Parking for chili cookers will be in General Admission/Chili Cooker ONLY.
  • No other food or drink will be permitted in at the venue, without their permission.
Price: $ 125.00